Friday, March 29, 2013

Svedka Colada and Fresh Apple = Infusion TIME!

What up, blogging world? It's another infusion created by yours truly. Long story short. I was at a party last weekend and I copped the Svedka Colada because I thought it was great when I first tried it. It's actually relatively cheap where I'm at $13 for a 750mL. At any rate, I still had a bit more than half a bottle left and it was actually the perfect height for an infusion. Now, you all know, I do a bunch of infusion with things from vodka, wine, and rum. This time I actually used apples. I cut up small sizes and put it in a mix. The crazy thing is I ordered some Horchata today and I thought, why the hell not? Apple and Cinnamon go together. Why not a Colada mix? One of these days I will get that recipe on here, but for now you can check out some of my other infusions.


Homemade Rumchata

Ciroc and Marsala

Hades 151

Ciroc cherry and Lemonade

Tropical Storm

Red Tropics

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