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12 Top Everclear Recipes

Everclear is by far one of the strongest liquors out there with a high proof of 190 percent! It's extremely potent and you can actually cook with it (shake and bake) Do not drink this neat or on ice. It's mainly used as a base or a floater for incredible recipes. If you are having a huge party, breakout the Everclear and get creative with some great recipes. Please know it will put a HOLE in your ASS!! YES! It's potent! Let's get into some craziness!

Jungle Juice

You ever go to a fraternity party or a college party and wonder why the punch tastes a bit strong? Well, Everclear is the absolute answer to your question. You can pretty much make Jungle Juice how you want with using Everclear as the base liquor without any other liquors and it's still potent. Red is a color normally associated with Jungle Juice because of the additive of Hawaiian Fruit Punch when mixing. With a liquor as strong as Everclear, you want to use a lot of mixers such as actual fruits, fruit juices, and sodas for added carbonation and freshness to hide the powerful alcoholic burn. However, there is a legitimate recipe for Jungle Juice, which goes as follows:

A full handle of Everclear Grain Alcohol
Vodka (3 bottles recommended)
Peach Schnapps (Peachtree)
A 151 overproof rum (Bacardi or Gosling)
99 Apples (1 Bottle)
10 bottles of Sprite
Orange juice
Triple sec (1 Liter bottle)
Gin (1.75 of Seagrams, New Amsterdam)
Sour Apple Pucker (1 Liter)
Boone's Farm Strawberry wine (good sweetener)
Hawaiian Fruit Punch (a few gallons adds the color)
Orange Juice Concentrate (optional; not required)
Fruits : oranges, pineapples, apples, etc

Of course, you can cut the cost of your recipe by getting store brand mixers. It's recommended to put the ice in first then your alcohol and mixers overnight to let all of the fruits soak in the liquor. When the Jungle Juice runs out, you'll have strong shots leftover from the liquor soaked into the fruits. Also, use the soda right before or during your actual event. This way you'll Jungle Juice will stay properly carbonated throughout the event. This is simply a classic recipe for any party and everyone knows exactly what it is due to the color of the punch!

Jungle Juice is not the only recipe for your Everclear because there are tons of other ones out there if you like to keep things simple:

Green Dinosaurs

It's an interesting mix using your favorite fruit punch, Everclear, and Pineapple Juice (Dole works well).

This has a really appealing color. It would be a nice touch if you could add a black light or glow effect for your party. The color is very deceiving because of the green look. You might want to make this for a St. Patrick's Day Party.

Hunch Punch (usually made in the South of the United States)

Ginger Ale
Fruit Punch
Orange Juice
Pineapple Juice
Sprite or Lemon Lime soda
Fresh Fruits also add to the taste

This is very easy to make, tastes great, and you won't be put on your butt as quick as the original Jungle Juice. Add this to your mix of great college punches!

Joey's Magic Punch - this is an interesting punch bringing in Jack Daniel's Whiskey and V-8.

Jack Daniel's
V-8 Juice

Vegetable/fruit juices, strawberries, Apples, bourbon, Vodka, and Everclear? No wonder they call this magical. Who knew all of these flavors would work so well together?

Lethal Injection (potent but great tasting!)

Cranberry Juice
Crown Royal
Southern Comfort

The sweetness of the Southern Comfort, the oak flavor of the Crown Royal, the tartness of the Cranberry Juice, and power of the Everclear really puts you in the mind frame of "What exactly am I drinking?"

These are just some of the punches available to drink. There are countless more for your pleasure. Please be responsible when drinking. Don't sit up there and chug your punch. Enjoy it slowly because you don't want to be the one to ruin the party.

Of course, you cannot have party punches without great cocktails to go with your party in case you want to tone things down a bit.

If you are into savory drinks, you should definitely check out these cocktails below:

Butterscotch Kiss (almost tastes like butterscotch candy with a serious kick due to Everclear)

Butterscotch Schnapps
Club Soda

Chocolate Cover Apple
Apple Pucker

Why go bobbing for apples when you can taste the complex of a sour apple liqueur, a coffee liqueur, and a potent grain alcohol all in one cocktail? It's a very interesting way to try out different flavors you think would not mesh together.

Crimson Tide # 2
Sunny Delight

Forget about your Tequila Sunrise! You'll feel this from morning to sundown!

Black Sunday
IBC Black Cherry
Wild Turkey 101

The name says it all! Please be careful because it is very potent! Wild Turkey 101 and Everclear together is no joke.

If you want to get straight to the point, then test your luck with these bad ass shots!

Blue Suicide

151 Proof Rum
Blue Curacao

This is self explanatory! There are Jungle Juices that use both 151 and Everclear. The BLUE CURACAO IS JUST FOR COLOR! LOL.

Burning Cross

100 Proof Cinnamon Schnapps

If you like Big Red Gum and Everclear, you'll love the burning sensation of this shot. HOT FIRE, literally!

Judgement Day

Bacardi 151
Rumple Minze

151, Everclear, and Rumple Minze honestly seems like enough to make Terminator's day. I'll be back!

Lemon Shots # 2

Lemon Garnish (optional)

Your flaming lambo lemon drop has nothing on this bad boy! BURN BABY!

Everclear can make for a great party! Please be careful and use this alcohol responsibly for you and your guests. However, I already have some bad ass joints that uses Everclear! Peep it!

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