Tuesday, February 28, 2012

Diddy takes the Ciroc challenge with Ellen

I love these kind of taste tests. As you can see, Diddy is getting a little tipsy on stage. LOLOL. I mean, taking shots basically 45 seconds after each other. That's A LOT OF alcohol. People don't realize that a shot is basically 1.5 oz (enough for 1 full drink). Times that by 4, and yes, you'll be a bit buzzed. It creeps! Ciroc is definitely my favorite vodka. I've had the nastiest (Rikaloff) to the premiums such as Grey Goose, Belvedere and of course, Ciroc. One thing I can definitely say is that Ciroc has the most distinctive flavor, period.

What you get is the beautiful flavor of snap frost grape with some earthly tones. It goes down really smooth and has a little bit of a bite to let yo uknow you are drinking real alcohol. Whether it's neat, on ice, or mixed. It's perfect. In fact, check out a post I made from my friend's Peach Ciroc mix. She put up a dope YouTube video that has a lot of views! Check out the taste test below:

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