Tuesday, February 21, 2012

Do I mix or not mix my drinks? That is the question.

I wouldn't call myself an alcohol expert by any means, but my palette for spirits especially has definitely grown into a more mature kind of taste over the past few years. I've definitely become accustomed to mixed drinks, but at the same time I'm growing a good appreciation for having them neat or on ice.

Imho, it honestly depends on the drink and your palette. There are certain drinks out there that should not be mixed or with very little mixed. Take a fine rum, whiskey, scotch. Normally, these are aged for a certain number of years. Take for example a 21 year old Appleton Rum. This is in a serious class on it's own. Of course, it has a bite, but it's alcohol. It's supposed to...However, the taste, the aroma, the body, and of course, the smoothness..all plays a part into its finish. That's why you can drinking it neat or on ice. It's a sipping drink (meaning you can drink it straight no chaser). Now, take another rum such as Bacardi. While it might not be the greatest for sipping alone, it is an EXCELLENT choice for mixing purposes. For example, you can make different things such as a Mojito, Rum Punch, Pina Colada or any other kind of popular rum mix. Maybe a classic dark Jamaican rum would set you straight for a mixed drink called the Hurricane!

Vodka can be a very funny subject to take. Vodka has a lot of options. You can either get it as a neutral spirit (no general flavor), or you can get them flavored. Personally, I like unflavored vodkas. Most flavored vodkas have a very nasty after taste in my opinion. There are only a few vodkas out there I could drink with flavor and Ciroc being the main one. Why? Because the taste does not deteriorate. The taste is smooth and keeps with the essence of the snap frost grape. For mixing purposes, Vodka is one of the best alcohols out there to mix as there are a TON of drinks. One of my personal favorites with regular vodka is a screwdriver. Orange Juice isn't necessarily and or necessarily sour, it has the perfect taste to mix because vodka is a more neutral based spirit.

Where as a classic whiskey, scotch, or cognac is more of a type of drink that has enormous flavor. The darker liquors normally have tons more in them to develop a certain taste. The finer and more expensive, the less you should touch it (meaning mix). Save those for a nice glass of ice. Serve it on the rocks. Check out a few clips below so you can kind of get my meaning.

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