Monday, November 21, 2011

How to make Skittles Vodka

Well, here's a cool drink with a lot of flava and spunk. I guess you can call this one of the most popular drinks, but here's a bit of that with a twisted kind of mix to make it taste like a vodka on steroids! At any rate, here are the ingredients:

5 bottles of vodka
1 bag of skittles

Remember, it's best to filter your skittles to make a much cleaner drink. Also, it's better to drink this really cold!

Step 1: Organize your skittles (make even line with the flavor).

Step 2: Put them in the bottle, but make sure the amount is not too crazy because you don't want a syrupy taste. (I mean, who would want vodka that says like a fruity, syrupy drink?)

Step 3: Shake em up.

Step 4: Make sure you put them in something like a cold freezer for 24 hours. It's best to shake it up every so often within that 7 day period.

Step 5: Use a coffee filter to help get rid of the excess Skittles.

Once you are comfortable with doing these steps, you can slowly add whatever types of liquor you feel may add to the table!

For more info, check the table!

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