Wednesday, November 23, 2011

Drinking for Keeps: The Tower of Power

Look at that Mario piece! You already know what you're in store for! Shoutout to Mushroom Tower for the dope pic! Anyway, onto the drinks!

These days nothing too much amazes me, but I have to say this was pretty cool to watch. I love the concept of setting up a psuedo-tower to help make the drinks. The presentation was dope. Here you have 6 different shots:

Jagerbomb - Jagermeister + Redbull
Dr. Pepper - Amaretto and Beer + Coke
Randy Savage - Jack Daniels + Strongbow
Bam Bam Bigelow - Blue Curacao + Cherry Brandy and Redbull
Sakebomb - Hot Sake + Sapporo
Irish Car Bomb - Jameson's + Bailey's and Guinness

Now, from the first few drinks, you should already get pretty wasted. However, downing these the way this guy does and the speed! Um, can you say pure insanity?_? (no exercise). All right, here it goes. Peep this crazy guy down these in a flash!

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