Monday, November 14, 2011

How to Make Jungle Juice!!!

Now as everyone knows, Jungle Juice will forever be the frat drink of choice! I mean, high level of alcohol and tons of juice to appeal to everyone. Who wouldn't drink it, right? RIGHT! All right, look at the picture above. Take a good look because that typical mix of a full handle of Everclear plus a full gallon of Hawaiian Punch is not what's about to pop off right now! This mix is much MORE POTENT!! WHY do you ask?

Well, let me break down the ingredients for y'all:

Bottle of Everclear (note that in certain parts you can only get lighter versions of Everclear, but the one I'm more familiar with is the 190 proof..for people that don't know what that entails, that's over 85%)

Take a look:

The rest of the ingredients is as follows:

Bacardi 151 (Another strong proof drink with EVERCLEAR!! WHAT?!)
3 Bottles of Vodka
Bottle of Apple Schnapps
Bottle of Malibu
Bottle of Gin
Bottle of Sour Apple Pucker
Bottle of Peach Schnapps

As you can see, from the recipe which will be shown in the video below, that is a TRUCKLOAD of alcohol. Now the thing with Jungle Juice is as much alcohol you put in, you normally put in 3x as much juice to hopefully mask the taste of the alcohol. Of course, if you eat the fruit, you'll be extremely twisted. For the recipe the Tipsy Bartender uses, he includes different things like:

Crush (Orange)
Pineapple Juice
Hawaiian Punch

Here's the video below:

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