Friday, April 21, 2017

Ciroc Summer Colada Review

I'm a little late to the party, but I been meaning to try Ciroc Summer Colada since it dropped. Just got my hands on some Ciroc minis and def tested it. I've seen a bunch of reviews where people generally liked it. However, some people couldn't rock with it on ice. You can definitely tell who are more the connoisseurs and people who drink just to drink. I'm going to keep this short and simple.

Notes: Well, they definitely got the colada down to a science. The Ciroc Coconut from 7 years ago already gave me a kind of pina colada vibe, but something about the formula/taste is very lush/rich. It has a creamy coconut (like the coconut meat) and a pineapple kind of vibe just off of smelling the notes straight out of the bottle. 90/100

Neat: Ok, I first tasted it room temperature. This is without even putting a dab of water to cut it. Honestly, I have to give this 85/100. It was really smooth. Of course, it had that slight burn to it (I mean, it is a vodka), but tasted incredible. What I got from it was the Pineapple right from the start and as you actually digested it, the coconut flavor lingers in the finish. Very cool and subtle, but you can def discern what's what.

Ice: 90/100. You certainly taste the coconut and pineapple blend much better because of the added water to bring out the flavors more. Certainly something I could sip on the rocks without any mixers.

Mixer: Honestly, this pretty much speaks for itself. All you truly need is a splash of pineapple, orange, or even cranberry juice. They all work because anything with pineapple and coconut mixes well. For a serious treat, I would honestly try to use fresher ingredients. Crush some pineapples or squeeze your oranges to get the fresh vibe. Having fresh juice is underrated but this would be the perfect vodka to actually use your freshly squeezed or pressed juice. 95/100

Overall, I give this an A. This is my favorite flavor out of everything. I've always been a big fan of coconut and pineapple. So when you put it together, it's just a colossal event. Diddy, you definitely got one with this! Keep that consistency!

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