Wednesday, December 12, 2012

Pushkin Milk Punch by Igor Zernov.

Honestly, I love clips like this. I'm not a crazy Bacardi fan, but I do like Making Caribou Lous with Bacardi 151. What I genuinely love about this clip is the bartender/mixologist really enjoys what he does and loves the history of cocktails. I love historical things and how cocktails were made, too. You can get a true glimpse into what was going on during the times and how people made things out of necessity or excess.

This cocktail definitely has very interesting, complex, and elegant elements to it. This punch was made in honor of Russian poet, Alexander Pushkin.

60 ml Bacardi Superior Rum
40 ml Sherry Pedro Jimenez
35 ml Earl Grey Tea & Condensed Milk
2 drop Orange Bitter
1 cube burnt sugar
Garnish: grated nutmeg and chocolate bar
Glass: Goblet

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