Tuesday, December 18, 2012

5 Tips to Make the Best Party Drinks for the Holidays

Yo, yo! How's everyone's week so far? I know it's only a Monday night, but I just decided to get this week started with a special post. It's Christmas time really soon and of course, the Mayan Apocalypse =P. I wanted to get a few cool posts up that I know people might want to read. So here goes!

Based on my personal experience (2 1/2 years), I've found some very interesting things about cocktails and why certain things fit appropriately. Here are MY Top tips to making the BADDEST PARTY PUNCH FOR YOUR HOLIDAYS!!!

1.) THEME!!!!

Yes, the theme is VERY important. Why? Presentation, people! If its Christmas, you want something that says Christmas. You want something warm and cozy. Thanksgiving, savory and big ass pig (kidding on the pig party). St. Patrick's Day, loud/obnoxious/fun. Get what I'm saying?! 4th of July, fun/patriotic/colorful

2.) COLOR!!!!

Color is VERY IMPORTANT! You want it to scream out a certain feel. With Christmas there is a lot of red, white and some green. Thanksgiving is more subtle such as a brown/yellow, etc. St. Patrick's Day - GREEN ALL DAY! 4th of July - Red, White and Blue.

3.) The LIQUOR!

Yes, you cannot forget about the liquor, my friends. What types of liquor depends on your crowd, but here are a few things that match. With Thanksgiving, you want a nice whiskey or brandy to go with a spied eggnog, a nice pumpkin pie martini. Pumpkin Pie, Pumpkin Drinks and the like are all great candidates. Hell, there are even Pumpkin flavored beers on the market for your sipping pleasure. Christmas - it's a bit more open. A lot of the look based on a nice or red color. Using a nice white chocolate liqueur, a creme de cacao, tequila, white or dark rum goes well with your chocolate and your peppermint schnapps. You can even use a Candy Cane to help garnish your delectable alcoholic treat! 4th of July, pretty much anything goes! You want a cookout. You'll probably want a nice vodka and lemonade to cool off. Maybe some really interesting layered shot that has some vodka, blue curacao, and grenadine.

4.) Pre, During, and After - Know what you set your cocktail or party drink for

Of course, all things can be set a different time. A lot of party drinks can be the dessert cocktail. Whether it's a very sweet and savory drink that has a lot of cake, pie, or pastry elements to it. Maybe a dessert wine is used such as Moscato. Or you can have your specific cocktail has an apertif to wet your appetite. Pretty much, you'll know based on the type of cocktail, whether it's meant to be the before, during, and after.

5.) Ease your buzz or getting really nice!

Some cocktails are meant to soothe and keep you warm such as a nice Spiked Cider. Other like an Irish Car Bomb are meant to get you REALLY NICE! You just have to find that right balance and go in =). I hope you've enjoyed this small guide. Here are a few videos below that'll help you get your party drinks done right! Enjoy! Happy Holidays!

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