Friday, May 18, 2012

Flashing your bartender aka wilding out at the club

Now, this topic that the people at Tipsy Bartender have come up with..I can definitely relate to..while the chick did not flash her tits..she definitely flashed something else! LOLOL. It wasn't to get a drink, but she definitely threw back some drinks. I'll tell you that! I remember it like yesterday. I was chillin after some dancing, and this cute latina walks in..she's kinda moving to the music and all of a sudden she kisses my homie, the DJ. She's absolute trouble..I was watching her dance, and I guess she saw me and basically walked up to me...backed her booty up and everything. And yes, I danced with her for a few She ended up pulling down her slacks and all you saw was booty and thong. LOL. Not only that, she was doing cartwheels to splits...I was just like, "Yo, if that's not the most ratchet sh*t I've ever seen in my life."

As you can see, I clearly have an understanding of what he's talking about! LOL. Peep the video!

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