Saturday, July 27, 2013

New Ciroc Amaretto Review and Cocktails!

Take a look at the new Ciroc Summer Colada for your Summer 2017 needs!!!

This is by far one of the most versatile vodkas I've ever tasted! I'm pleasantly surprised with this dynamic vodka liquor. Here's a taste test review:

Smell - instantly you smell the brown sugar, amaretto notes. Then comes in a bold cherry flavor. It's reminiscent of Cherry Coke.

Taste - neat and on ice - great. It's smooth enough to sip on it's own and the ice brings out a strong flavor profile. Now let's get in why you are really here - Cocktails!

As you can gauge from the pic, I used Sweet and Sour and Cranberry.

Ciroc Amaretto Sour

1.5 oz Ciroc Amaretto
2 oz Sweet and Sour
Garnish Lemon Peel

This is even better than your normal Amaretto Sour or spiked up Amaretto Sour.

The lemon from your sour mix and your lemon peel and Ciroc's DNA comes out well! The mesh between the amaretto/brown sugar, cherry, and lemon makes for quite the flavor profile! Great cocktail!

Amaretto Cranberry

1.5 oz Ciroc Amaretto
2-3 oz Cranberry

Smooth and subtle! Great for those that want to neutralize the sweetness a bit, but still have a great taste. Good fun.

Here are the new staple drinks and recipes:

Source of first 3 pics: Exclusive Access

Manhattan Remixed

The Speakeasy

Harlem Sour

Overall, this is an 'A' grade for it's versatility, taste, cocktail possibility, and smoothness.

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