Tuesday, July 23, 2013

My Cocktail Garden - a fresh approach to drinks

The best cocktails have fresh ingredients to bring out the boldest flavors in drink recipes. Cocktail garden is a brand new site coming soon that will showcase what seasonal ingredients do to enhance your palate. As person into cocktails and fresh ingredients, I cannot wait to see how well these unique recipes will influence others.

You'll even be taught how to grow some of your own fresh ingredients which you can use in your meals and your drinks. It's a much healthier approach than using sugary juices or pre-made mixes you find in your grocery store. Just imagine making your sangria with fresh Spring and Summer fruits to enrich your drinking experience. These are fresh fruits and even veggies that will bode well with your great tasting rums, vodkas, tequila, gin, and even whiskey based drinks.

You'll impress your friends when you have parties and find out how certain flavors coincide with different seasons. Do yourself a favor and sign up to the email list on My Cocktail Garden.

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