Monday, June 10, 2013

The 2013 E3 Drinking Game via Drunken Moogle

Full stream and coverage for Spike and Gametrailers

Rules for all presentations:
-If a character uses a bow. Bows are so last year. = 1 sip
-A sequel game is announced = 1 sip
-Exclusive DLC or Content for a multi-platform game = 1 sip
-Dance or Music Presentation = 1 sip
-A non gaming-related celebrity makes an appearance = 1 sip
-Half Life 3 = 1 shot
-A game that was being developed for the current generation gets pushed to the next generation = 1 shot

Optional Hard Mode: Everyone playing choose a buzzword or phrase. When it is said, take a sip.

Microsoft (Monday, 9:30 am PDT) - Watch it here
-You hear news that makes you NOT want the console = 1 sip
-Every non-game announcement made = 1 sip
-Call of Duty presentation boasting about new technologies like Dog snouts and Fish AI = 1 sip
-An Xbox One exclusive is announced = 1 sip
-Buying and selling used games, rentals, or trading games is not mentioned at all = 1 shot
-You get frustrated enough that you switch over to watching Apple’s WWDC = 1 shot

EA (Monday 1:00 pm PDT) - Watch it here
-For every sports or shooter game shown = 1 sip
-Talk about Sim City 5 = 1 sip
-Every time magic happens in the Dragon Age trailer = 1 sip
-New Star Wars game = 1 shot
-EA announces they’ve bought a company you love = 1 shot

Ubisoft (Monday, 3:00 pm PDT) - Watch it here
-A ship is destroyed or an especially brutal kill is made in the Assassin’s Creed 4 trailer = 1 sip
-Every time the player hacks something in Watch Dogs
-Coop Gameplay with the Wii U pad for Rayman = 1 sip
-Beyond Good and Evil 2 finally makes an appearance = 1 shot
-Prince of Persia 2008… 2 = 1 shot

Sony (Monday, 6:00 pm PDT) - Watch it here
-Social Integration and Share Button talk = 1 sip
-If the physical console turns out to be ugly = 1 sip
-Good use of the controller’s touch pad = 1 sip
-Showing off the console’s power with physics = 1 sip
-No information about The Last Guardian (again) = 1 shot
-No information about Final Fantasy Versus XIII (again) = 1 shot
-If Sony announces they’re taking stance similar to Microsoft’s in terms of used games = 1 shot

Nintendo (Tuesday, 7:00 am PDT) - Watch it here
-This year Nintendo is opting out of a big E3 press conference, but will still have a Nintendo Direct presentation = 1 sip to acknowledge the passing of an era
-Miyamoto shows up with a prop like a toy Pikman or Master Sword = 1 sip
-Reggie appears = 1 sip (let people know your body is ready)
-A third party game that you don’t care about is shown = 1 sip
-New Pokemon Snap on Wii U = 1 shot
-A Pokemon MMO = 1 shot

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