Friday, April 5, 2013

Super Mario Bros. 3: The Drinking Game - Drinking Games for Gamers

A very interesting and fun game! Drink responsibly!

1. Player gets a power-up, other player takes a drink
2. Player gets a star, other player waterfalls while it's active
3. Player gets hit by an enemy, drinks
4. Player finishes the level, other player takes five second pull of beer
5. Player dies, takes a five second pull of beer
6. Player successfully gets the 3 of the same roulette icons, other player finishes beer
7. When a player challenges the other to a sewer battle, the defending player decides how many warp pipes he wants to wager. Loser of said battle must drink them.
8. Player uses a warp whistle to teleport to the warp zone, everyone drinks a warp pipe. Yay!!!!!!!!!!!!
9. Player who doesn't beat the boss, takes a warp pipe.

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