Monday, March 19, 2012

Check out the BEST Mojito in New York City

I'm pretty sure you are familiar with the Mojito. You know Cuba's famous drink that includes: white rum, sugar or sugar cane (from the old days), lime juice, sparkling water and mint. Did you know that slaves were actually a big portion of the drink? Well, that's besides the point. You know who makes the Best Mojito in New York City? I'll tell you right now...Favela Cubana's mojito is on point. They have their own potent Mojito with a very unique recipe that includes: Brazilian orronoco rum, orange, basil, and crystallized simple syrup. With the Brazilian Rum, it adds just a bit flavor to the concoction!

This is just one of the great recipes coming from Favela Cubana. If you are looking for some great Cuban and Brazilian cocktails in NYC's Greenwich Village, check out Favela Cubana! You won't be disappointed. Check out below for a basic video on how to make a mojito. Enjoy!

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