Tuesday, January 3, 2012

Elderflower Scrolls: Skyyrum (The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim Cocktail)

Now, normally a game post would go on my Playstation 3 Game Console Blog, but seeing as this is a specific cocktail, it'll fit nicely right on here! The actual recipe comes from James Dance of Loading and the source of where I got the post from is The Drunken Moogle Tumblr Blog.

The ingredients goes as follows:

Skyy vanilla vodka
Sparkling elderflower presse
Spiced rum (Sailor Jerry)
Orange peel

Directions: “We’ve based this whole drink entirely around a series of highly amusing Skyrim puns – but luckily, it’s also delicious. First, create a sugared rim by dipping your high ball glass into the vanilla vodka, and then into a plate of sugar. Now put ice into the glass and pour in 175ml of the presse down the side (the inside, of course). Add a measure of spiced rum on top of that, and garnish with an orange peel dragon’s tongue.”

I'll post some more video game related cocktails! Pretty cool stuff! Definitely worthy to try!

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