Thursday, December 15, 2011

Art of Celebration (Ciroc)

This is a very interesting kind of marketing campaign that Diddy is throwing. By being a real internet sensation, and having a quality product, that's really all you need nowadays to truly break something. I mean, look at how everything is coming up from Art, Music, and even Sports. Yes, there are still many Television advertisements, but the Internet in the past few years has really taken on a role to make things more viral. Diddy has that on lock when it comes to Ciroc. This whole product placement, Twitter, Facebook, and YouTube following has really created a lot of momentum turning Ciroc from a no name brand into a household name not only in the Urban communities, but mainstream America!

What I truly love about this video is Diddy always aims for an elegant vibe from the 40s to 60s. Always has some Frank Sinatra or Nat King Cole music in the background with a ritz decor from the style of dress and the places. It gives Ciroc the element of class. Check it out:

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