Saturday, August 15, 2015

WTF is Tequila? (Tipsy Bartender)

It's very interesting to see this kind of post on Tipsy Bartender, but definitely appreciated. I for one asked this question years back. I always noticed the distinct taste and smell that Tequila has (the mixto and puro agave)and it's always intrigued me. I think the first thing that pondered my mind was why did Tequila usually give me headaches? Of course, I drank Jose Cuervo Especial at the time - if you do your research, it's not 100% Tequila. More than half of it is actually refined sugar put into the product. Hence, you get the bad headaches from drinking it too much. Check an older post from Derrick Schommer of Common Man Cocktails for details on that. Anyway, dope post. Also, check out Common Man cocktails for even more in-depth drink history and origins.

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