Friday, July 11, 2014

Check out Bar Brigade for Your Bartending Needs!

Looking to better your bartending skills or find a few more cocktails other than your typical vodka and cranberry? Well, here's an excellent tutorial on cocktails called Bar Brigade. It's an extensive course load over 30 hours and 18 chapters on bartending basics that will certainly help you impress your friends. This is especially catered to the Indian audience with some influence for international flair. Definitely take advantage of the offers.

Additionally, if you are a traveler and love to go to different drinking events like Oktoberfest or wine tours, there are excellent packages you can take advantage of to get a better experience of cocktails. Be on the look on their site to find different dates. Also, you can shop for different bar tools and more to help you out in the kitchen. Nothing like having the right shaker or speed pourers to make your complex cocktails.

If you are really into cocktails and need a place of reference, you can definitely check out the Facebook page and the blog to take a look at different articles as well as suggestions on drinks.

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