Thursday, April 3, 2014

Add a crazy kick to your barbecue and bourbon with Big Tony's Seasonings!

When it comes to having an event, it's always great to match the food with the liquor. For example, if you were to do a barbecue, bourbon would be a great way to go. Why? Well, you'll enjoy some great flavors, great seasonings, and hot sauces that go well with the oak/sweet honey flavor of different bourbons. It's a great time. Take a nice company such as Big Tony's Seasonings - they have an excellent array of different sauce choices you can choose. Why not add their Crazy Cousin Chipotle to a nice piece of grilled chicken as you sip a whiskey sour? You'll taste some excellent spices and have that nice bourbon flow with a hint of sour to really round out your palate. The great thing about this site is you'll be able to get great shipping rates and they ship worldwide. If you're outside the states, you can still get an excellent American barbecue feel that rocks in flavor. Check it out and make your evening outstanding!

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