Wednesday, February 19, 2014

Why you should buy our cocktail book! (I'm having a girl over) via Tipsy Bartender

In all honesty, when it comes to parties and swooning a woman over - this is a book you need in your life. If you've ever seen any of his videos, you already know that he's credible in this department. The females in his video are top notch and most of all, honest!

Here's a brief synopsis via Amazon

"Skyy John, the internationally famous host of the Internet's top bartending show “Tipsy Bartender,” has spent the last ten years bartending at one of the hottest and trendiest spots in Los Angeles, as well as hopping around the globe mixing incredible cocktails. Now he has compiled the perfect cocktail recipes for guys to entertain and impress the ladies.

Tipsy Bartender “I'm having a girl over” is just the book you need if you are having a lady over and you want to make her something special. John uses recipes that properly mask the strong taste of alcohol, creating delicious drinks that go down smoothly with no after burn. There is no nasty alcohol taste!

John’s cocktails are very easy to make, and the ingredients are cheap and super easy to find. This is the ultimate guide for making mojitos, margaritas, martinis, shots, daiquiris, ice cream floats, and more. This book is perfect for the ladies, ideal for those people new to drinking, and exactly what you are looking for if you do not like the strong taste of alcohol."

“These drinks will definitely get the party started!”—Skyy John

If that's not enough, take a look of a preview of "I'm Having a Girl Over" below!

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