Monday, May 27, 2024

Tipsy Bartender Live! Beef Empanadas and Smoked Piña Colada x Snickerdoodle Shooters (Tipsy Bartender)

 What's poppin, everyone? Been a lil minute since I posted. But it looks like we gotta Tipsy Bartender live episode on Memorial Day. Shoutout to the fallen soldiers and the families. Shoutout to the peeps that are/were in the armed forces. Anyway, it's a chill day for me. Getting back into the groove before the work grind kicks up tomorrow. 

Enjoy the vibes of this live! 

Friday, April 26, 2024

Sommelier Tries Every Costco Liquor | World of Wine | (Bon Appétit)

 Now, this is a pretty cool video. I remember like over a decade ago my family would get the Costco vodka. The rumor was that it was like store-brand version of Grey Goose. However, it was not half bad. It was pretty smooth for the price point and it was nearly identical in a libation. Here Andre, the Sommelier, is actually doing a taste test (neat at that) of all the Costco-based spirits. Check it out: 

3x CACHAÇA Cocktails ★ Featuring Novo Fogo Cachaca - The Progress Bar

 I haven't had Cachaca in quite some time. It's still a bit expensive to get here in the states, even more of the bottom grade stuff. However, I'm trying to get some quality stuff just since the weather is getting nice. Anyway, peep some of the amazing libations below: 

BATIDA ROSA (1:00) Recipe by Jeffrey Morganthaler. 2 oz (60 ml) Cachaça 1 oz (30 ml) Lemon Juice 1 oz (30 ml) Pineapple Juice .75 oz (22.5 ml) Grenadine .50 oz (22.5 ml) Rich Simple Syrup Shake into wine glass Top w/Sparkling water Garnish w/Lemon peel Enjoy responsibly! CALDO DE CAÑA (4:22) Recipe by Jesse Vida at Blacktail in NYC. 1 oz (30 ml) Cachaça 1 oz (30 ml) Blanc Vermouth 1 oz (30 ml) Pineapple Juice .50 oz (15 ml) Lime Juice .50 oz (15 ml) Rich Simple Syrup 1 dash Absinthe Shake into rocks glass Top w/Sparkling water Garnish w/Lime wheel Enjoy responsibly! CANEFLOWER (7:56) Recipe by Jeffrey Morganthaler. 1.5 oz (45 ml) Cachaça .75 oz (22.5 ml) Aperol .50 oz (15 ml) Elderflower Liqueur Stir into cocktail glass Garnish w/lemon peel